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Azure Aero

 AzureAero provides bespoke service and support to the Aviation and Aerospace Industries, to approved clients worldwide. The owners and directors of the company have collectively, more than 70 years of experience in supply, support, safety, quality and project management within the Commercial & Military Aerospace Industries.

Through an extensive and well-established supply chain, as well as maintaining distributorships and OEM relationships over many years, Azure Aero is able to undertake the most complex of projects or procurement requirements: This is not limited to the supply of Aircraft Parts, GSE, Engines and Component Overhauls, but also includes the design and manufacture of Unmanned Aircraft and associated Systems for specific (approved) customers. 

The company is a long-standing corporate member of ISASI (The International Society of Air Safety Investigators), and carries out aircraft pre- and post-purchase inspections on behalf of finance companies, as well as the insurance industry. The company is also an active registered member of the Isle of man Aerospace Cluster.

AZURE AERO is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. All business is conducted according to International Trade Regulations as well as ITAR. It is policy to always put the customer first, thus working closely with them to ensure that they receive full support for all their operational requirements; whilst providing not only the best service, but the best quality and value for money as well.

Safety is paramount at AZURE AERO. Being corporate and personal members of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI), as well as having a long track record regarding Strategic Operations, including Aviation Safety and Forensic Investigation, the company prides itself in having the knowledge and ability to always provide customers with quality, authentically-certified and traceable parts, systems, solutions and equipment.





Exceed Expectations

We listen and understand the needs and expectations of all our partners.


We consider and respect all viewpoints and contributions.


Our agile approach enables us to adapt to changing customer requirements.


We build long-term relationships with our partners and customers.

About Us

AZURE Aero’s prime objective and work ethic, revolves around customer satisfaction, world-class service-delivery, honesty, reliability, quality, conformance and safety.

The company strives to constantly monitor, improve and build on its reputation, policies and procedures as a leading support and supply partner.

Quality Assurance

AZURE Aero Limited strives to constantly monitor, improve and build on its reputation, policies and procedures as a leading aviation spare parts supply, support and consultation partner. 

Being Certified and Audited to ISO9001:2015, the company follows proven processes and procedures against an implemented Quality Management System (which is constantly monitored and improved upon), providing a structured approach to conducting business.

AZURE Aero strives to always ensure that any and all products supplied to a customer, adhere to the defined OEM standards, specifications, certifications, conformances and traceability requirements as stipulated by FAA AC-056B and EASA.

AZURE Aero, comprising all its management and staff, promise to always keep open, honest and verified communications internally and externally with suppliers, customers and regulatory institutions. We maintain a working environment which conducts business with integrity to the highest ethical standards, which provides customers with the assurance of a comprehensive quality, safety, service and pricing package. 


VIRTUS is the UAV/UAS division of Azure Aero Limited, specialising in the design, development, support, and production of both reconnaissance and special operations aircraft to cater for Governmental, Military and Civilian UAV requirments.

Supply is to approved customers only. Please contact Azure Aero using info@azureaero.com with your specific application details.


Parts Support

Azure Aero assures the supply and delivery of certified aircraft parts to our customers world-wide. 

In addition, we supply components, hardware chemicals & lubricants, tyres as well as engine and propeller / rotor components for both fixed wing & rotary wing aircraft


A Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Management (MROM) program has been established to best service our customers: This provides benefits in terms of overhaul, repair and inventory management of components, engines and propellers. All overhauls and management services are carried out to the highest standards.

Project Procurement

Azure Aero provide sourcing and procurement services for project-specific requirements: With a vast vendor, manufacturer and stockist network supported by relationships built up over many years, we can source and supply quality products for most projects / programs, be they simple or complex.


World-class certified and accredited training is offered for pilot, co-pilot, flight and technical crew: This encompasses refresher, conversion and type-certification courses. Azure Aero work with those Internationally recognized and accredited training facilities around the World, which best meet a customers’ training requirements.

Spare Parts

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Management

An established Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Management (MROM) program provides the customer with a bespoke service with regards to managing their component, engine and propeller overhaul requirements, efficiently and accurately.

A skilled logistics support and supply chain management team provides total Engine & Component MROM support programs: Supporting Avionics, Airframe, Various Aircraft Life Limited Components, Landing Gear, Safety Equipment, Structures, APU’s, Engines and Propellers.

Project Procurement Support

In an ever-changing world, the demands of customers evolve in terms of their operational requirements. Azure Aero makes it the prime objective to understand the customer’s project and procurement requirements in order to offer, source and supply items as required to fulfil the requirements of every project, no matter how diverse in nature.

Building and expanding of the vendor / supplier network constantly, ensures support and supply to the customer and their specific project requirements. 


Azure Aero conducts, arranges, and presents professional, certified training courses together with their associate institutions, from basic training to highly advanced. 

This encompasses both pilot and technician training for both Fixed & Rotary wing operators. In addition, Azure Aero conducts courses for ground handling and ramp operations, equipment usage and maintenance, as well as an array of other aviation-related training (dependent on the specific requirements of the customer).

Memberships & Compliance